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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association
Adding Assistant Coaches
  • Log on to team account
  • Click on MOSA (Current Season) under the list of Event Registration History
  • Click on the Team tab for that event
  • Scroll to bottom and you will see coach Info and then asst coach info to the right
  • At bottom of Asst Coach Information, select asst coach under the “Select / Change Asst Coach” section
  • Check apply changes to team
  • Click on Change button

Printing Game Cards
  • Do not print any sooner than 72 hours prior to game
  • Log into team account @ www.gotsport.com
  • Click on your league on main page
  • Click on schedule tab
  • Click on game # to print

Reporting Game Scores
  • Enter Event ID #
  • Enter PIN #
  • Enter Game #
  • Report score