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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Club Passes

1.       1) MOSA will allow Club Passes starting Fall 2017

2.       2) Clubs will be allowed to transfer players from one team to another within the club.

a.       Players can play up as much as they want. (Example: player on a Nat 6 team could play on a Nat 1 team)

b.       Players can only move down one flight without prior approval from the MOSA secretary (Example: Player on a Nat 1 team could play on a Nat 2 team without approval, player on a Nat 1 team that wanted to play on a Nat 3 team would need prior approval from MOSA)

c.       Players that are currently playing up in age group that want to play on a team at age appropriate team level are allowed as long as they are within the one flight rule. (Example: U15 player playing on U16 team Nat 2, could play on U15 team in Nat 3 or higher)

d.    "Game Cards" have to printed from GotSoccer and players hand written on the "Game Card" should not be allowed to participate. 

3.        3) MOSA is still not allowing guest players/secondary cards.