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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association


Date: 10/25/18                        Call to Order: (8:01pm) by Jess Yeager

Clubs Absent:
Alliance, Beachwood, Hamilton, Jackson, Lakewood, Millstone, Old Bridge Boys, Old Bridge Girls, Tinton Falls,

Accepted Reports:    Minutes – 1st Wall       2nd Neptune

                                    Treasures – 1st NA      2nd
President: (Jess) State Cup registration is up! Top Soccer gaining traction. ODP financial aid is available, MOSA will match club. State is also working to provide hardships for clubs in need.  


1st VP: (Jeff) Absent No Report

2nd VP
: (
Lindsey) Two forfeits. Need clubs to host Grass Roots courses and other youth coaching courses. Clubs need to notify opposing teams when they alter game schedules. Can only alter game times for valid reasons.   

Member's at Large: (Eric)   MOSA Cup ½ teams are already decided for finals. Please work together to get games in. Computer randomly decides who is home team.

Member's at Large: (Al)
Reviewed rules that are commonly coming up. Stressed rules for Game Cards and Player Pass. Serious injury reports need to be submitted to us. Winning team needs to enter scores. In event of a tie it is the home teams responsibility.

State: (Lindsey) State Cup is moving along nicely.

Secretary: (Bill) Went over Secondary Permission rule and Club Pass rule again. Members asked for us to add something to online rules explaining how teams from other leagues should be handled.

Referees: Referee re certifications going on now.


Old Business: None
New Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Neptune       2nd: Wall (8:36 pm)
Next Meeting:
December 6, 2018

Respectfully Submitted
William Smith - MOSA Secretary