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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association


Date: 12/06/18                        Call to Order: (8:02pm) by Jess Yeager

Clubs Absent:
Beachwood, Hamilton, Jackson, Neptune, Ocean, Old Bridge Boys, Peninsula, RSA, Wall

Accepted Reports:    Minutes – 1st Freehold 2nd Pinelands

                                    Treasures – 1st NA      2nd

President: (Jess) No update, state has not had a meeting since last report.

1st VP
: (Jeff) Absent No Report

2nd VP
: (
Lindsey) Game scores affecting standings need to be entered by Monday (12/10/18)

Member's at Large: (Eric)
  MOSA Cup completed. It took 3-4 weeks to get through finals due to weather and scheduling. We will be doing the MOSA Cup Challenge in the Spring.  

Member's at Large: (Al)
Fall had 8 coaches and 7 players with Red Cards. Teams need to be updated for the Spring by Feb 14, 2019, Game times and field locations need to be entered by March 28, 2019 (This was changed per referee assignors request)

State: (Lindsey) Trainers need a coaches pass. State no longer has designation for trainers. They should be carded to appropriate teams. Should also be listed on the game card in gotsoccer.

Secretary: (Bill) Schedule on MOSA website was updated. Went over key dates for clubs coming up for start of the Spring season.

Referees: No Report


Old Business: Union Beach attended the meeting and is looking to join MOSA for the Spring. Vote in January

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Berkeley      2nd: Freehold (8:19 pm)
Next Meeting:
January 24, 2019

Respectfully Submitted
William Smith - MOSA Secretary