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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association


Date: 01/24/19                        Call to Order: (8:00pm) by Jess Yeager

Clubs Absent:
Beachwood, Hibernian, Lakewood, Millstone, Old Bridge Boys, Peninsula, Pinelands, Red Bank

Accepted Reports:   
Minutes – 1st EWPAL            2nd Berkeley

                                    Treasures – 1st Twin County  2nd Bulldogs

President: (Jess) State is looking into ways to educate parents more. Considering a mentor program for referees. This would be different from an assessment, it would be watching the games and making suggestion to help the younger referees 

1st VP
: (Jeff) Absent No Report

2nd VP: (Lindsey) Clubs that have not received their trophies from Spikes need to contact them

Member's at Large: (Eric)   Absent Jess mentioned that the MOSA Cup Challenge would take place this Spring. More information coming soon.  

Member's at Large: (Al)
There are changes coming down that we should prepare for.
            -Entry level classes for new referees are available on the website
            -Recommended reaching out and talking to assignors prior to the season start
            -Must have a valid pass to be in the technical area

State: (Lindsey) Looking for clubs to host state courses.

Treasurer: (Don) Invoices for Fall 2018 were handed out. Invoices included forfeits and other fines.

Secretary: (Bill) Flight Night was moved due to conflict with hotel.

Referees: (Bill T) Please stack games so you get full crews

            -Ask coaches to make sure they bring correct changes the referees are not ATM machines

Old Business
: Motion was made to bring Union Beach into MOSA. 1st: TRIC 2nd: EWPAL

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Wall            2nd: Freehold (8:47 pm)

Next Meeting:
February 28, 2019

Respectfully Submitted
William Smith - MOSA Secretary