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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association


Date: 05/24/19                        Call to Order: (8:00pm) by Bill Smith

Clubs Absent:
Allentown Upper Freehold, Alliance FC of Barnegat, Beachwood, Hazlet, Hibernian, Lakewood, Manalapan, Marlboro, Millstone, Monmouth Coast, Monroe, Old Bridge Boys, Peninsula, Rumson, Stafford

Accepted Reports:   
Minutes – 1st Twin County     2nd Wall

                                    Treasures – 1st Old Bridge     2nd Red Bank

President: (Jess) Absent No Report   


1st VP: (Jeff) Absent No Report

2nd VP: (Lindsey) Post Play/Pre Plays rules have not changed. Only MOSA President or MOSA Representative should email MOSA. Once the club gets an answer, please do not send another 5-6 emails dealing with the same subject. Clubs close fields not coaches, IF two coaches decide not to play due to weather and the home club does not close fields the game will go in as a no play.

Member's at Large: (Eric) Absent but emailed: MOSA Cup Challenge Finals almost all set. Going well! Finals will be at Marlboro on June 1st times for the games should be set by Monday or Tuesday.

Member's at Large: (Al) Went over again that the only ones that should be contacting board members are Club Presidents and MOSA Representatives. Tryouts keep getting earlier each year. Work with the referees and the referee assignors to get the rained-out games in. SafeSport went over who all will need by Fall 2019.


State: (Lindsey) Make sure to update coaches information to Stack Sports (State course/F License certificate, Concussion Certificate and SafeSport Certificate) Required for Fall 2019

Treasurer: (Don) Report was handed out, no questions. Highlighted a couple of bigger bills that would be coming in over the next month.


Secretary: (Bill) Discussed the new process for Shore/South Recreation Area Commissioner election. Asked clubs to look for the email that was sent out earlier in the week. Wall asked if MOSA could resend to clubs. I also suggested that if clubs did not have someone already in mind that they consider supporting Carol Cordiner she is the current Recreation Commissioner for the Shore.

Referees: (Dan Hudson) Answered a couple quick questions the members had.

Nominations of officers:

1st Vice President: Eric Offenberg; Secretary: Bill Smith; Treasurer: Don Kameno; Member at Large: None

Nominations were closed, voting will be at June meeting.


Old Business: None
New Business:

1. Motion to table votes until June [Motioned by Middletown; Second by Twin County] Motion did not pass.
2. Motion to change all 7v7 games (divisions V & VI) from 25-minute halves to 30-minute halves starting in Fall 2019 [Motioned by Wall; Seconded by Manchester] Motion passed.

3. Motion for division I games to change game length from 45-minute halves to 40-minute halves. [Motioned by Wall; Second by Colts Neck] Motion did not pass.

4. Motion to change the referee fees for 7v7 games (divisions V &VI) from Center-$50 and AR-$25 to Center-$60 and AR-$30 starting in the Fall 2019 [Motioned by Twin County; Seconded by Middletown] Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Freehold      2nd: Bulldogs (8:58 pm)
Next Meeting: June 27, 2019

Respectfully Submitted
William Smith - MOSA Secretary