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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association


Date: 07/25/19                        Call to Order: (8:02pm) by Eric Offenberg

Clubs Absent:
Brcktown, Lacey, Lakewood, Old Bridge Boys, Tinton Falls, Twin County

Guest in attendance: Tony Teixeira from South River Future Stars

Accepted Reports:   
Minutes – 1st Holmdel                         2nd Pinelands

                                    Treasures – NA                                   2nd

President: (Jess) Absent No Report   


1st VP: (Eric) MOSA Cup Registration date will need to be updated. Flight Night is main concern for next meeting.

2nd VP: (Lindsey) Trophy pick up was tonight. A couple clubs did not pick up, it will be up to them to make arrangements to get them. Presents (Towels) were handed out to those who were in attendance.

Member's at Large: (Al) Went over requirements for coaches for the Fall. (Safe Sport, Concussion Certificate and state license)

            No secondary permission passes will be processed after week 5.

            Went over discipline issues for last Spring including numbers of Red Cards (Up from previous seasons).

(Lindsey) Nothing

Treasurer: (Don) Absent No Report   

Secretary: (Bill) Reminded everyone scholarships deadline was July 31st.

            Copy of invoices from Spring were available for all clubs (they were previously emailed).

            Reminded everyone that Flight Night was is August and it would be a 7pm start time.

            Clarified that MOSA pays the initial 5 fees for each team to Referee Assignors, after that assignors can bill clubs for scrimmages, make up games where referees had to be assigned more than once, etc…

Referees: (Bill T) Absent No Report

Old Business: Marlboro motioned to eliminate the 6-goal differential rule, second by Stafford. Motion did not pass.

New Business:

1. Motion to add a U15 and older 5 game season for late Fall starting in Fall 2020 (this would be in addition to the current 10 game season) [Motioned by Marlboro; Seconded by Stafford] Motion passed.

2. Motion to add a rule that would require kids to enter and exit the field on the player side near mid field except in the case of an injury. [Motioned by East Windsor; Second by Monroe] Motion passed.

Meeting Adjourned: 1st: Middletown  2nd: Twin County (8:59 pm)
Next Meeting: August 22, 2019 7pm Flight Night

Respectfully Submitted
William Smith - MOSA Secretary