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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

MOSA Curci Cup Challenge

For Schedule and Rules- Click Here

MOSA Coaches Presentation PDF 
of Slides from 3/31/2021- Click Here

Yellow Card Accumulation Policy- Click Here

General Playing Guidelines (related to COVID) 

  • Game times need to be staggered to give teams the opportunity to safely arrive at the field after the previous teams have departed.
  • There will be no coin toss, the away team will get the first kick off.
  • Individuals on the sidelines
    • Must maintain Social Distancing at all times.  Each player and their equipment at least six (6) feet from the next player.
    • Players should wear masks except when playing in the game. 
    • Not share water bottles or other items between nonfamily members
  • On the field of play masks may be worn but are not required.
  • Game balls are to be sanitized prior to the game, at half time and at the end of the match.
  • No contact after matches to include hand shakes, high fives, etc.


  • Must remain six feet from the field of play and from other non-household contacts
  • Should wear masks but not required if social distancing is respected
  • Have no contact with players or team during match.
  • Coaches are still responsible for the actions of their spectators.


  • Will maintain their distance on the field of play when possible.
  • Will not touch players at any point.
  • Will maintain a safe distance when issuing a card.
  • May wear mask on field of play and should wear masks off the field of play but not required where social distancing is respected.

**If a team cancels a game within 48hrs of the game time due to COVID-19 they will still be responsible to pay referee fees**