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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association


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Please keep in mind all MOSA Executive Board members are volunteers and will likely respond to all correspondences (from MOSA Club Presidents and MOSA Club Reps) after normal business hours!

MOSA will be offering an additional High School modified 
short season (5 games) starting this Fall for 15U-19U.

The registration deadline is October 1st.
Tentatively games will be scheduled to start in late Oct or early Nov
Scheduling will be more flexible than normal MOSA league games.
**Fines for games not played and referee fees for games canceled within 5-day of scheduled start dates will apply.**
No trophies will be awarded for these brackets.

MOSA Rule Changes (For Fall 2022)

1. 7v7 Games (Build-Out Line)- when is the ball is "in play" 
  • On a goal kick, free kick within the Penalty Area or when the goalkeeper has possession of the ball with their hands, the opposing team must move behind the build-out line until the ball is put back into play. 
  • The goalkeeper can pass, throw, or roll the ball to put it back into play (punts and drop kicks are not allowed). 
  • On a goal kick or when the goalkeeper has possession of the ball with their hands, the opposing team may cross the build-out line when
    1. The goalkeeper changes possession from their hand to play the ball with their feet
    2. a second touch is made by another player on the goalkeeper's team, or
    3. the ball comes to a complete stop, or
    4. the ball crosses the buildout line
2. Parent/Spectator- Where should they watch the game from?
● Parents and spectators will need to watch the game from directly across the field from the team that they are there to support. 
● It is not the referee's job to enforce where people sit/watch the game from, field marshals or coaches should make sure parents and spectators understand where they should watch the game from. 
*Please understand MOSA is adding this rule to try and help eliminate inappropriate behavior on the sidelines which has increased significantly as of late.* 

**If a team cancels a game within 48hrs of the game time due to COVID-19 they will still be responsible to pay referee fees**

Instructions to print Game Cards/Match Cards:

The new GotSport system calls them Match Cards.

Directions to print Match Card (old Game Card):
1. log into the team account
2. click "Team Management" at the top
3. click on "Matches" on the left side
4. there are filters to help narrow the options for coaches who coach more than one team
5. find the game you want to print the Match Card for
6. on the far right there should be "..." click on those and the top option is "Print Match Card"

By the way just to the left of those "..." is a chat function for coaches to communicate with each other.

Remember all player names, DOB, ID numbers, and jersey numbers have to be typed in the Match Card, Coaches should have name and ID typed.

Instructions for coaches to add club pass players:


Bill Smith

Yellow Card Accumulation Policy- Click Here