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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

1. MOSA recognizes inclement weather and State Cup matches as the only recurring valid reasons for not playing a match as scheduled.  From season to season, however, special circumstances may occur that warrant a league supported rescheduling of a match.  Major religious holidays or ceremonies are examples. It is the responsibility of the Club with teams affected by such occurrences to notify the Second Vice President (Games Commissioner) in writing, not less than one (1) month before a schedule match of the impending schedule conflict.  The Board will then coordinate schedule revisions.  Failure to notify the Games Commissioner will place the team(s) requesting the change at risk.

2. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather, the home team is responsible to notify the visitor and the Referee Assigner at least two (2) hours before the time of the first scheduled game.  (Notification after this time will require payment of the referee fees for the first game.)

3. All cancellations for reasons other than inclement weather which are made after 9pm the Sunday prior (7 days prior)  to the scheduled date will be subject to payment of the referee fees for both the originally scheduled match and the eventual match.  Only the area Referee Assignor can waive payment of the referee fees on any cancellations for which referee had already been assigned.

4. All cancellations must be reported by the Home Team coach to the Games Commissioner via email by 8:00pm of the game day.  Give reasons, i.e. bad weather, state cup, conflict. etc.by 8:00 PM of the game day.  Give reasons, i.e. bad weather, state cup, conflict, etc.

5. A postponed/canceled game must be played within three (3) weeks of the originally scheduled time.  If the game is not made up within this time period, it will be recorded as un-played (NO GAME) and cannot be made up.  Additionally, all games must be completed by the date shown on the schedule for each Division as the final date for completion of divisional play. 

6. Any team which forfeits a game shall be responsible for payment of the referee fees for that game. (all forfeits must be emailed to the Game Commissioner, the Game Commissioner is the only one that can post the score.) [Referees, coaches, and clubs can not award a forfeit.]

7. NOTE:  If the teams involved cannot agree on a date and time for a make-up game within the three (3) week period, they should contact the Games Commissioner for resolution.  If either team fails to show up for a Board scheduled game, the result will be recorded as a forfeit. 

8. If 50% or more of a game is completed and then ended pre-maturely due to weather, the result of the game shall stand as final. If less than 50% of a game is completed and ended early, then the game shall restart at the other teams home field and referee fees will still be responsibility of the original home team. 

9. If the Referees do not show up than the game shall be given the same consideration as with a weather cancellation. The teams will have 3 weeks to play the game (or by end of season whichever comes first), but in this instance the game reverts to the away teams fields, with the original home team still paying the referee fees and the away team Referee Assignor earning the game assignment fees.