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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

1. Suspension for red cards may invoke greater penalties if the situation warrants.  Further abusive, threatening, or unsportsmanlike behavior may be dealt with by suspension by the Board even though no red card was issued.  MOSA Board will decide all such disciplinary actions.

 2. Any individual “red carded” in a MOSA game may receive the pass back from a league officer before the suspension has been served in order to play in State Cup games, tournaments and off-season indoor leagues.  The pass is to be picked up the evening before the particular game/event and returned the evening of the games/event’s conclusion.  In no case will the player be allowed to participate in any MOSA event until the penalty has been served to the satisfaction of the League.  Any problems with this requirement will result in serious suspension problems for the coach and the player involved.

 3. Coaches are responsible for their spectators and will be held accountable for any failure to control the behavior of their spectators.  Clubs are responsible for all individuals under their jurisdiction (players, coaches and fans.  MOSA reserves the right to discipline clubs for the negative actions of their members.  Incidents occurring where clubs do not maintain proper control shall be reported to the MOSA Board for review and possible disciplinary action.

 4. Any coaches who removes his players from the field of play prior to the official end of the game causing the game to be terminated, shall be subject to review by the MOSA Board.  After such review, the MOSA Board may take appropriate disciplinary action.

 5. No abuse of referees by players, coaches or fans will be tolerated the referee’s job is a difficult one; although differences of opinion will arise, referees must be supported since they are essential to the game.  Coaches should advise their teams and fans that no one (including coaches) has the right to criticize the referee, demand any explanation of a call, or publicly humiliate the referee.  Such actions automatically command a two (2) game suspension whether or not a red card was issued.

 6. Your association offices will not hesitate to ban, for whatever duration, any individual(s), teams, or Clubs that cannot abide by the simple policies and rules of the Organization.  If in the determination of the MOSA Board a team or Club should be suspended from play within a season then:

   a) All games played or scheduled to be played within the season will be recorded as “NO GAME”.

   b) No fees will be returned to the team or Club involved.

   c) All players and coaches passes are to be turned in to MOSA.

7. Players that move from one MOSA club to another other than at end of the spring season will face an automatic 3-game suspension. (Clubs can appeal by emailing the MOSA Secretary)

8. Inappropriate behavior towards MOSA board members will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior towards MOSA board members by any member will result in fines and suspensions.