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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

1. The MOSA Board may impose either disciplinary probation or administrative probation on a team, Club or individual associated with MOSA programs.  The terms of administrative probation will be spelled out at the time it is imposed since each occurrence will involve unique circumstances.

2. Any Club or team placed on disciplinary probation will be subject to the following:

a) Any player/coach on a team under disciplinary probation who receives a red card is automatically suspended for a minimum of three (3) games.  If the red card is for violent behavior, the suspension will be longer and the incident will be reviewed by the MOSA Board to determine the need for further disciplinary action against the individual, team or Club.

b) Negative reports from any source concerning the behavior of an individual, team or Club on disciplinary probation will be reviewed by the MOSA Board for further action.