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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

1. Only the NJSRC Registered Assignors can assign officials to MOSA league matches. Clubs are strictly prohibited from assigning referees.  If a club assigned referee officiates a league match, a forfeit will be declared in favor of the visiting team and the offending Club will be subject to further disciplinary review by the MOSA Board.

2. If MOSA assigns a referee to officiate a league match, the game must be played. Refusal to play shall be subject to forfeit.

3. Referees should be USSF certified and currently registered.  Referees shall thoroughly familiarize themselves with the FIFA laws of the game as modified for Youth by the USSF and USYS for each season and periodically during the course of the season.  All member clubs shall encourage their active certified referees to attend seminars or refresher courses regularly during each season.

4. Games will be officiate using the approved three-man system.  In the event fewer than three (3) referees are available to officiate a league match, Club linesman may be used.  At no time will referees use a two whistle system.  Coaches have the right to refuse a two whistle system prior to the game start.  Acceptance of a two whistle system is not a protest able matter.  Starting a game where a two whistle system is being used constitutes acceptance.

5. All MOSA Clubs are required to supply a minimum of referees as a requisite for membership.  For every team registered in MOSA, a club must supply a referee, certified referees of which one-third (1/3) must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.  Registration for the next active season will be based on the number of active referees who officiated MOSA league matches during the preceding season.

6. MOSA assigned referees shall at all times conduct themselves professionally and be courteous to coaches, players and fans. 

7.If the Referees do not show up than the game shall be given the same consideration as with a weather cancellation. The teams will have 3 weeks to play the game (or by end of season whichever comes first), but in this instance, the game reverts to the away teams fields, with the original home team still paying the referee fees and the away team Referee Assignor earning the game assignment fees.