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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

1. Late registrations - $50.00 per team

2. Drop team prior to placement night - $50.00 per team.

3. Drop team after team placement but before scheduling has been posted on the website - $100.00 per team.

4. Drop team after scheduling has been posted on the website - $500.00 per team plus $100.00 per game for all un-played games

5. Failure to post times and field numbers on the website by the date listed on the website - $50.00 per day not posted.

6. Failure of a team to play one (1) of its scheduled games - $100.00 per game.

7. Missed General Membership meetings: $20.00 for each meeting missed up to two (2), $50.00 for each meeting from the third on.

8. Disciplinary actions – As determined by the MOSA Board and spelled out elsewhere within this information outline.

9. Any club whose account with MOSA is six (6) months in arrears will be declared ineligible to register any teams with MOSA.

10. “Red Card” suspension carry over from season to season.  It is the responsibility of the sponsoring club to ensure that all league suspensions are satisfied.  Any team that does not forward the “pass” of the suspended player or coach to the league will forfeit all games until the pass is received.  If a player or coach is inactive or no longer with the Club of record, then a letter to that effect must be sent to the League Secretary.

11. Any Club or individual that initiate a court action against MOSA Prior to exhausting all available appeal procedures within the appropriate soccer organizations shall be subject to the following:

a) A fine of $2000.00 plus payment of all MOSA expenses incurred to defend the Association in legal action.

b) Immediate suspension from MOSA for two (2) years.

c) Immediate loss of MOSA membership.

d) Any clubs involved may reapply for MOSA membership in accordance with MOSA policy covering new Clubs only after the two (2) year suspension and payment of all past due accounts (including the $2000.00 fine and MOSA expenses) have been satisfied.

12. Any club which falls below the three-team minimum requirement due to dropping of one or more teams prior to the completion of a season shall be subject to the following: (Failure to play at least one half (1/2) of a team’s scheduled games will be considered a dropped team.)

a) A fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00) per team dropped and

b) Placement on administrative probation for the remainder of the current season plus one additional active season.

13. Any Club which violates the above policy within four active seasons from the date of the first offense shall be subject to the following:

            a) Immediate loss of MOSA membership and

b) Declared ineligible to register any teams with MOSA for the next two (2) seasons.

14. Minimum fine for forfeiting a game is $100.