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Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association

Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association
Adding Assistant Coaches
  • Log on to team account
  • Click on MOSA (Current Season) under the list of Event Registration History
  • Click on the Team tab for that event
  • Scroll to bottom and you will see coach Info and then asst coach info to the right
  • At bottom of Asst Coach Information, select asst coach under the “Select / Change Asst Coach” section
  • Check apply changes to team
  • Click on Change button

Printing Game Cards
  • Do not print any sooner than 72 hours prior to game
  • Log into team account @ www.gotsport.com
  • Click on your league on main page
  • Click on schedule tab
  • Click on game # to print

Reporting Game Scores
  • Winning team is responsible to input the game score. In the case of a tie it is technically the home teams responsibility to enter the game score. 
  • There are several ways to enter the score:
  1. Call in the score using the phone number, event id and pin provided at top of the game card. 
  2. Log onto the web page provided at the top of the game card and use the event id and pin. 
  3. Lastly if you have a QR reader app on your smart phone you can scan the QR code (located in top right corner of game card) and enter the scores.